The GettaGiftTM App was created in 2017 to make buying gifts easier for loved ones. Users create Wish Lists for events such as birthdays, holidays, and showers, and can share them with others! The App allows users to scan an item barcode, include pictures and gift information such as product name, brand name, and descriptions. Say Goodbye to the days of guessing what someone wants as a gift – now you can easily get them something they want! Share Wish Lists with your contacts all from the GettaGiftTM App, and they can follow the links to make purchases and ship the item right to the intended person!


Intended functionality of the Application:

The Getta Gift App is designed to be an application that, with the use of barcode scanning, allows users to create Wish Lists. Once an item is scanned, the system will automatically pull as much information as it can, such as images of the item, item name, and description. There is room to include a purchase link as well as the price for the item. A picture of an item can also be added, and the user can manually add in product descriptions, links and prices. Users can create accounts, which will store the items they scan into their desired list. They can create as many lists as they would like, and share the lists with anyone who wants to buy them a gift. The wish lists are shared either through the application, or with a text message automatically generated by the application, to the intended purchaser(s). No purchases are made directly through Getta Gift, and instead are placed through third-party links.