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With the GettaGift App, you and your family can create Wish Lists for birthdays, holidays, weddings, showers, graduations and more! Using innovative technology, you’ll be able to scan the barcode of an item you pass by in a store and add it right to your Wish List. If your scanned item is in our database, GettaGift will pull in information such as the product name, brand name, item description, image, purchase link, and price!  If not, no worries, you can take a picture of anything and add the description, purchase link, or price at your leisure. 

Then, share it with your contacts through the GettaGift App. They’ll know exactly what you want down to the color, and be able to get you something that makes you smile!  As a gift giver, your worries about wasting money on the wrong thing are over.  Cash may seem like a good gift, but it may be used for fast food or something that won’t bear any special meaning. 

The GettaGift App allows you to share exactly what you want with who you want, and provides them all the information they need to get the right gift to the right place. The way you ask for and buy gifts will never be the same…

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