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3.      Zales – Diamond Store

Diamonds are forever! They are ageless, they are priceless, and they are sparkling for life! It doesn’t matter if you want to mark the arrival of a special occasion or if you want to simply flaunt some oomph in your social circle, diamonds are your best friends to shine with! However, they are an expensive wish to deliver on. Never the less, with GettaGift coupons, you can save up to 60% off on your diamond purchases! So, hurry up and add some twinkle to your life! After all, everyone should get a chance to meet their desires!




3 Unique Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas

Our mothers have given us everything. We just cannot thank them enough for the way they have treated us with love and care throughout our lives and the sacrifices that they have made for us. As we are often very busy in our lives and cannot show affection and love for our mothers, we should at least make mothers’ day special for them by showing how much they mean to us.

The trend of giving chocolates, cards and flowers to your mothers on mothers’ day is getting old now. Don’t you think we should get something different for our mothers this time? Something that not only brings a smile on their faces but can be useful for them.

Here are three unique mothers day gift ideas that not only you, but your mothers will love too.

1.      Hand Cream Set

There are a lot of home chores that our mothers have to do. They make delicious food for us, and wash the dishes too. These things affect their skin making their hands get a little rough. And we want our mothers’ hands to be super soft, right? A hand cream set is a perfect gift for your mother. She would love having nice moisturizers in different flavors having different kinds of fragrances and effects a lot. You can get a collection from her favorite brand, pack it nicely and gift it to her.



2.      A nice bag

Women love bags. Good bags can amp your entire look and make you feel a lot more confident. Besides this, there are a lot of accessories that you need to carry when you go out. This mothers day, get your mother a handbag, clutch, tote bag or whatever kind of a bag that she likes. However, while purchasing a bag for her, make sure that it is spacious enough to carry all her important things. We would suggest you to get one in neutral colors so that it can be paired with a number of outfits. 


Hand Bags.png


3.      A cooking or baking set

If your mother makes delicious food and likes to spend her time in the kitchen trying different recipes, one of the best things that you can gift her is a cooking or a baking set. However, you will need to raid her kitchen and find out what utensils does she need. Not only she will love the gift, but she will also make some nice food for you and we are sure you don’t want to miss out on mom’s food.



Why would you use an app to create and share wish lists?

Growing up, many children find it frustrating having so many wants yet lack the means to get it. For many people this can be a source of motivation, for others it’s overwhelming. Despite the plethora of wants and needs, gift givers frequently don’t know what to buy for their loved ones.  There is a disconnect that leads to wasted time and money.  People stand in lines with the hope they can at least exchange an unwanted gift for at least a store credit, otherwise it gets tossed to the re-gifting pile and all the while we smile at the gift giver telling them how much we loved their ill thought out panic driven present.  We bear no ill will toward the gift giver, particularly as adults, because we too have been there.  We finish this celebratory punch with the expression, well…it’s the thought that counts. 

From birthdays to graduations, anniversaries to religious celebrations, finding the right gift for someone can prove to be a rather unique challenge. Gift givers frequently face busy schedules  and before they realize it the gift day is upon them.  If this year is proving to be a major struggle for you, you may innocently ask the person what they want, but this may not go as simply as you expect.  You call your brother about what his kids want because you are at the store and want to buy something and your brother isn’t available.  Perhaps you thought ahead and asked the child directly, “what do they want?”  Though you are anticipating a perfect description you instead get… “I don’t know.”  Maybe you’ll be lucky and they respond, “I want an Xbox One.”  Unfortunately, that’s a little higher than your budgeted $25.  You say, “that’s great honey, anything else….,” and they say “I like Star Wars.”  “Great buddy, would you like a light saber?”  “No.”  “Action figure?” “No.”  “What about Star Wars would you like?”  “I don’t know.”  You are back where you started.  Before you think this scenario is crazy, try to recall how often your significant other has asked you if you need anything from the store and despite the fact that you are out of shampoo and shaving cream, you scratched your now scruffy face and said,… “Nope, I know I need something, but can’t think of a thing now.” 

So, we need to face facts, whether you are 5 or 55, our memory about things we want and need is just plain lousy.  If you have multiple nieces, nephews, grandkids, and children of your own, keeping all of those gift ideas in your head can be tough work!

When you think of an idea for someone, if you don’t make a note of it that idea can evaporate long before you’ve had the chance to digest it. Soon, that idea gets mixed in with daily tasks and responsibilities and before you know it you have forgotten what you needed.  Nevertheless, this want or need will resurface.  It’s easily done, and it’s why using a gift wish list app can be such a smart decision.

So, let’s examine both perspectives of the gift giving exchange to see how a gift app may make each person’s life a little bit easier and the gift day much more rewarding.

The Giftee Gets What They Really Want

·         One of the best advantages of using a gift app is that you significantly increase the chance you’ll get a gift you really want. Sometimes people get the idea of what you wanted, but then buy a knock off version of the item.  This can be super frustrating as you now have a generic, but functional version of what you wanted, you are less likely to get what you really wanted.  Having a gift app may increase the chance you get what you really want.  The apps that are most successful in doing this create a purchase link on the item you want, so that when gift givers view your sharable wish list, the brand and product you want is right there where they can use the purchase link to take them straight to check out. 

·         You don’t have to worry about forgetting your wants or getting pseudo stage fright from being shy when you get put on the spot by a significant other or family member asking what you want; having this little gift app will allow you to show them exactly what you have in mind. 

·         Aren’t you tired of faking excitement over an ugly sweater or junk you did not want?  Isn’t it much easier to be excited when you actually want the gift?

·         Finally empty out your regifting closet.  So, what happens to all those gifts you did not really want?  You have either thrown them in a pile to give to someone else or perhaps you ran out to any retailer you thought might accept your item in exchange for a gift card.  Isn’t it a little telling about the gift giving process that retailers routinely handout “Gift Receipts” so people can better exchange unwanted items?  Clearly, the current process isn’t very good.  So, grab your phone and download a gift giving app.  Make a wish list, but don’t stop there.  Ask your family members to share a list with you too!


Rewards for the Gift Giver

Of course, being the gift giver with an app can be pretty cool too. In fact, once you experience the ease of finishing your birthday shopping for your favorite nephew in 2 minutes on the couch, you’ll be asking all your present bound family members to make a list. 

·         How many times have you completely forgotten someone’s birthday?  As stated above, if you have a good app, it will put you in a position to make a purchase without a trip to Walmart or Target.  As soon as a list is shared with you, the ability to quickly make a purchase and send it to your loved one can take the stress off your back. Look for an app that makes your life easier in this regard.

·         Gift Wish List apps put the person’s wish list in your pocket.  You don’t have to wonder what they may want.  Exactly what they want is right there.  Perhaps there is a life lesson to a child learning to lie about liking a gift given to them even though it’s horrible, but do you want to be a part of that lesson?  Do you want it to be your gift they are cringing at and faking a smile?  No, you do not and you will not if you choose something from a wish list they have chosen. 

·         You may actually be in for a surprise.  Sometimes the child is more interested in a couple of Hotwheels cars that are a $1 a piece.  He could care less about the expensive orange track with elaborate battery powered jumps that will actually limit his imagination.  You may spend a lot less and make the child much happier with five or six totally awesome toy cars.


·         Save the family from the embarrassing “Re-Gift.”  Whether you are the giver or the receiver, being caught in a Re-Gift is just as bad.  Most of the time, there’s an element of rushed gift giving at play.  You didn’t have time, so you pulled something from the stash….but you forgot who it came from and now you are caught.  Again, a good gift app will make a purchase easier, so the panicked buy never occurs.   Still, even if it does occur, you’ll know what to get someone.   

·         Most of the advantages have to do with getting things right with less stress, but I think that you can also learn from a wish list.  As stated before, if you ask someone what they want, you are likely to get an, “I don’t know.”  When someone sends you a list of things they want via app, they are telling you a lot about who they are as a person.  If a teenager puts a camera lens and a tripod on a wish list, they’ve likely taken an interest in photography.  So, at the gathering of friends and family, now you know what to talk to them about even if you haven’t seen them in over a year.  Even a child with a Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle on their list gives you something to discover.  Which Turtle is her favorite?  Why?  Does she want to be like one of them?  Is that Turtle funny, smart, a leader of the team?  They may or may not open up about it, but they’ll know you are interested in them.  They’ll know you love them and isn’t that the point of the gift anyway?

·         Finally, another feature you’ll find in good apps is the ability to discover whether an item has already been purchased by someone else.  Even the most wonderful gift isn’t likely needed in duplicate.  Again, in the traditional method, you may be calling to alert your immediate family what you are getting, but the other side of the family may not get the memo.  Technology can help keep everyone on the same page. 


Getting the Right Gift App

To help you make the right choice, then, we recommend that you take a look at any wish list mobile application that offers the following features on top of the above:

·         Sharable Wish List.   Creating a wish list isn’t very helpful if it isn’t sharable. 

·         QR Code Scanning. QR code scanning is one of the most popular and important features of a high-quality gift app. This allows you to actively scan the item when the opportunity arises using barcode scanning. This makes it much easier for you to ensure the list is as accurate as possible, and all purchases line up with expectation.

·         Purchase Links. Another nice feature for a gift app is the ability to make a purchase using a link to the product scanned. Also, look for the items to be updated in real time.  That way people aren’t shopping from lists created from the previous year.  If the app can provide cost information, then it helps the gift giver make a decision on their purchase.  Ultimately, we want this to be as stress free as possible. 


Now, can you see why using a gift application can be such a smart move? By using an app like this, you remove one of the most common mistakes in buying gifts. Not only can you make it easier to get gifts you want, but it is also easier on the gift giver.  Use the right mobile app and you may find that even the less tech-savvy members will enjoy the process. 

Considering it can be easily accessed and seen by everyone who is buying gifts for one another, using an app to create and share your wishlists as friends and family just makes sense. It helps to avoid forgetfulness, eliminate re-purchasing faux pas and making sure people no longer feel so stressed out trying to buy presents.  You may also want to show it to other families to help reduce their stress level around celebrations and major events.

Let’s make buying gifts a little easier for everyone – even Uncle Fred who is not so hot with technology! 

How do you get your valentine jewelry that they’ll love?

This is the time of year when jewelry stores do their best.  Millions of men go out searching for that special item to show their sweet heart that they are special above all others.  In many cases they go for jewelry, but many will be disappointed.  Many ladies are picky and when they choose their ensemble each morning, they pick their jewelry with a great deal of consideration.  If you want to actually see them wear that expensive purchase, you may need to consider more than just the cost of the item or the box it’s given in. 

To impress your lady with a piece that takes her breath away, lets go over a few tips to make things happen. 

necklace on rock.jpeg

First, talk to her about jewelry.  Preferentially, during a period when gift giving isn’t a month away.  To be clever, don’t ask someone what they want…instead ask her about the pieces she wears.  Comment that her necklace is beautiful and then ask if there’s a story behind that piece of jewelry.  Ask her next what she likes about that piece.  You can also ask if this is her favorite piece and if not, what is her favorite, and again, why.  The more you ask these types of questions the more you’ll hear important information about what she likes. 



Next, it’s time to start thinking like Sherlock Holmes. Be observant!  With each date or if you married, each day and date night, take notice of what she’s wearing.  Take a few pictures, ladies will generally love a couple’s selfie, but your real goal is to capture the jewelry she’s wearing.  Over time, you’ll start to build a picture of the types of jewelry she wears and likes. 

Your deductive task is not done yet Sherlock.  You’ll have to start putting all this information into order.  Are the pieces she’s wearing generally large or skinny?  What colors does she have and wear?  Do they match her outfit?  Does she prefer matching sets between necklace and earrings?  Does she wear bracelets?  If your valentine is in her 20s and doesn’t have a bracelet, she probably doesn’t like bracelets, so don’t go spending extravagantly on a Pandora bracelet from Kay Jewelers. 

Necklace 1.jpeg

All of this is leading to the following advice.  Unless she tells you she wants something different and is specific about what that is…..Buy something similar to what she already has or something that fits the narrative of the other pieces.  

Another method to get the perfect gift….

Both of you download the FREE app GettaGift.   The app will create a wish list with pictures of what you want.  Go for a date were you take your Valentine to a few Jewelry stores and let her take pictures of pieces she’d love to have.  Talk about what differentiates pieces of jewelry rom good to amazing.  That way you’ll know what she wants and can get an awesome present for Valentines Day!

5 Ways to Rock Your New Years Resolution

Every New Year, people all over set resolutions.  Because these resolutions are frequently dropped, some people will tell you that New Year’s resolutions are worthless.  The reality is that any resolution is worthless if you don’t truly invest in it.  The problem lies in people saying they want something different, but then having no desire to change their habits.  The bottom line is this, if you truly want to make a change, you will need to spend some time investing in how to make that resolution a reality.  Here are 5 key steps to making a resolution stick.


1.       Dream BIG, but make sure your goals are measurable

Too often people make resolutions or set goals that aren’t measurable and as a result are unlikely to be achieved.  You will find it much easier to set smaller goals and make a plan if you start with a goal that is clearly measurable.  Being able to measure a goal means you have a defined amount or thing you are going to achieve.  For example, if you want to lose weight, then a measurable goal would say exactly how much you want to lose and in what time period would you do it.  Instead of saying you want to lose weight for your New Year’s resolution, you would say, “I will lose 25 lbs in the next 12 months.” 

Do you struggle to get birthday presents to family?  Are you frequently forgetting your niece’s birthday?    A specific and measurable goal in this case may be to not forget to send your nieces birthdays presents this year.  Perhaps, you’ve routinely forgotten your Anniversary, Mothers day, or another important day.   You could set a goal that states this will not happen this year. 

2.       Set short term goals to help you achieve your long term goals

The next step is to build some smaller goals to help you achieve your big resolution.  If you want to ace your chemistry class this semester, then setting smaller goals will help you keep in line day to day, so you can achieve the bigger goal.  In this case, you’d have goals for what grade you hope to achieve with each test, quiz, or project and this would give you the frame work to ace the class.  If you want to make an “A” in chemistry, then your test scores on each test need to reflect that ultimate goal.  

If you want to lose the 25 lbs in 12 months as stated above, then you may have smaller goals of losing 1 lbs every 2 wks and exercising 45 minutes 3-4x each week.  You will notice that even these smaller goals are ultimately measurable.  Again, this will help you stay on track with your bigger goals. 



3.       Make a plan to achieve those short and long term goals

This is where you really set yourself up for success.  Ultimately, you have to have a plan to achieve all these goals and if you don’t have a plan to succeed, you have a plan to fail.  If you want to make an “A” on each test, you have to know what you’ll do to achieve this grade.  Will you review the chapter before the lecture?  Study with a tutor? Review your notes after each lecture?  Devote dedicated time each week to study prep?  Exactly what you do is up to you, but decide ahead of time what you’ll do to make your resolution a reality. 

What about the exercise plans?  When are you going to exercise?  What about your diet?  You may plan to record your food intake daily so you know how many calories you are consuming.  Then you can compare that with your fitbit’s calories burned.  You don’t have to have the latest fad diet, but you do need a plan. 

If you struggle with gift giving, see if you can get your family to use GettaGift.  This is a free app that allows you to create beautiful list using your phone’s camera and a bar code scanner.  The list can be shared with multiple contacts and if you have several siblings, you’ll find coordinating those gift days with other family members much easier. 

4.       Expect adversity and be ready with a solution

Really, this is a part of having a good plan.  Before you ever start your endeavor, you have to realize that things are not always going to go the way you think.  Most all of us have a bias that expects good things to happen, but most people get bad news during the course of a year.  Your plan for success has to include how you’ll handle difficulties. 

You may have planned to study for the test the night before, but then you ate some bad Mexican food and ended up hugging Pamela poddy the whole night.   If you’ve been following your plan all along, you’ll have a chance.  If you’re working on the weight loss and your significant other breaks up with you, this is not the time to pound the ice cream.  Have a plan for how you’ll handle bad news. 

If you’re pursuing something that involves significant will power, then you should definitely have a plan for when you know you’ll be tempted.  You’ll have a much better chance staying on track if you have already rehearsed what you’ll do. 

5.       Don’t give up

This is it.  Far too often we start something and give up too easily.  We have a rough week and throw in the towel for the whole resolution instead of just restarting.  We assume that results are going to come quickly or that there will be no set backs.  In reality, progress is rarely a straight line.   You’ll have good days and you’ll have bad days.  You’ll have good weeks and bad weeks.  You’ll have some months that are better than others, but if you keep working toward your goals, even if you don’t fully reach them, you’ll likely be closer to achieving them than you would have been had you never started. 

So, there you have it.  Five ways to rock your New Year’s Resolution.  Keep in mind though, it doesn’t have to be the New Year to make a change for the better. 



Using Getta Gift to Help Families in Need

The holidays are the most wonderful time of year! Why? Because not only do you get lots of gifts, but you can also experience the joy of giving! Whether you’re rounding up gifts for a toy drive or cans for a food drive Getta Gift™ can help you help others! Read on below to find out how.

Step 1: Organization

Are you in charge of a charity event for your office, school, family or any other group? Getta Gift™ can help you unlike anything before.  You can create a Wish List for the event, and load in the items you need for it, and then send the list out to everyone who wants to participate for the event. Think if it as a gift registry right in the palm of your hand!

Step 2: Find the gifts

If you want people do donate food or toys, but make sure that they aren’t all getting cans of beans or fidget spinners, help them by sending them your Wish List from the Getta Gift™ App! As I organize  gathering toys for my local toy drive, Getta Gift™ App has been an amazing tool because I can scan gifts for kids all ages in the allowed price range, and then when I send out my Wish List to friends and family, they can buy items off it it without duplicating! This makes it easier not only for my friends and family donating, but it for the kids receiving the gifts! They’ll be able to get gifts better suited for them.

How can you use the Getta Gift™ App? Easy! Go into stores and use the Bar Code Scanner to add them right onto your list! Then, add any links or prices of the food/toys, and anyone who receives the list will be able to see the EXACT item you had in mind and purchase it!

Step 3: Get them where they need to go!

If your friends and family live far away but still want to help your cause they can with Getta Gift™ App! Once you create a Wish List, you can add in a shipping address so they can send the items right to you for easy collection OR to the location of your choice – just remember to check with any organizations on their policies on receiving products in the mail.

10 Reasons Why Giving Gifts is Better Than Getting Gifts

Tis the season for giving! I would dare to say I have way more fun buying and giving gifts to others than I do receiving them. Don’t believe me? Read on below to see why I love to give gifts!

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 2.58.18 PM.png
  1. Showing Appreciation
    Imagine how boring life would be without other people? Show the people in your life you love them and appreciate having them in your life. And what better way to do it than buying them a gift!
    Not sure if you’re getting them what they want? No problem! Have them download the Getta Gift™ App so they can send you Wish Lists of what they dream of getting!
  2. Learning About Products
    Dying to find out what the “hottest gift of the season is”? I bet you could find thousands of lists online and advertisements to tell you. I love trends and I love seeing them change throughout the years. It’s always fun to get someone the latest and greatest product of the season – it’s a part of pop culture and history you get to be a part of!
  3. The Rush of Finding The Perfect Gift
    I don’t know about you, but I love researching all the gifts for people I love, heading to the store right when they get the item in stock, and barging through crowds of people to get the exact right gift! If that’s not for you, that’s OK buying the perfect gift online in your shopping cart can be equally as exciting!
  4. Putting Personality Into Your Relationships
    Gifts set the mood of a relationship like nothing else! That funny gift you’ve been dying to get your best friend for years, or the perfect romantic gesture to give your significant other can be turning points in the relationship. You can show them how much you value the humor or love in your relationship, and put a little touch of your personality into it. So fun!
  5. Helping Those Less Fortunate
    The holidays are all about not just giving, but giving back! Giving is the best way to bring communities together, as well as give you a moment to stop and count your blessing. Being grateful for what you have and knowing you are able to give it to others is such an incredible thing!
    Learn how the Getta Gift™ App can help you give to those less fortunate here [LINK BACK].
  6. Thinking of Others
    Has 2017 not been your favorite year? You’re not alone. But why spend any time and energy thinking about your worries when you can create a positive change in the world by thinking of others!
  7. Buying That Thing You Always Wanted to See if It Really Worked
    Always wondering if that as-seen-on-TV product actually works? But don’t want to spend the 3 easy payments of $19.95? Buy it for someone you love instead! If they love it, then you can treat yourself. If they don’t, then hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?
  8. Supporting Businesses
    Whenever you buy anything you are financially supporting the business and its values! Has someone told you what they want? If they have the Getta Gift™ App then they can send it right to you, complete with brand description and links. That way, in advance you can know the company you are supporting and decide if the decision is right for you!
  9. Science Says It Makes YOU Happier Too
    Yeah, that’s right, SCIENCE says that giving makes you happier. Varies studies show that giving, regardless of income levels, increases individual happiness more than receiving. So if you want to be happy give to someone you love!
  10. Seeing Them Happy
    I know this one isn’t a surprise, but once you get someone the perfect gift – which is SO easy to do with the Getta Gift™ App Wish List feature – you get to see that big smile on their face when they open it. Seeing those you love happy because of something YOU did is an amazing feeling, and the best part of gift giving!

5 Ways to Make Holiday Shopping Easier

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 2.55.45 PM.png

Make A List
Buying gifts is such a blur, that sometimes I forget what I want to get and for who I need to get gifts for.  The best way I have been able to overcome this is by making lists for each person I need to buy a gift for. What I LOVE about the Getta Gift™ App is how easy it makes organization! If I see something in a store I think my mom or sister would like, I can just scan it and add it onto their Wish List! Then I can buy it then or save it for later. It’s so helpful to be able to see something and add it to a list, then later go back and see all the things I think someone would like before buying. A great way to stock up on gift ideas all year long too!

Check it Twice
Check for the best deals on the items you want, by adding in links and prices. Why look for the best deal? The lower the price the more items you can get on a budget! The more smiles you can bring to the faces of those you love!
Also, if you’re like me and go Wish List crazy by scanning everything you see you think your friends and family will like in stores, you’re going to need to narrow it down! So feel free to keep checking on those lists, adding and removing items before you commit to one.

Exchange Lists
Do you have so many great gift ideas but you just can’t get them all? Or are you the gift-card giving King/Queen – but your older sister is the Queen of Personalized gifts that bring a tear to mom’s cheek every year? Time to team up! With the Getta Gift™ App you can send your Wish Lists to any contacts, as well as receive theirs for shared inspiration. It’s a quick and super easy way to help each other get your loved ones something they’ll really love!

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 2.55.52 PM.png

Unsure if someone will actually like what you got them? Send your Wish Lists – complete with pictures, descriptions, and links – to friends and family for feedback! Then, they can have more than the blurry iPhone pics you send in store panic (what? Does not everyone do this?) to determine if your gift idea is great or not.

The people in your life will love you whether or not you get them the perfect gift. Of course, you WANT to give them the perfect gift. And we don’t blame you. Connect with them on the Getta Gift™ App to get them what they really want! They don’t have to be shy – they can send the items right to your phone – and you don’t have to be so worried – because you know what they REALLY want.

What The Latest Retail Sales Trends Reveal About American Shoppers



Yesterday’s Census Department release on retail sales for June 2017 gave a sobering look at the current state of American retail. While total sales year-over-year were up 3.9% for the first six months, a rundown comparing May to June 2017 estimates (unadjusted) were not so kind.

Every major reporting category except electronics and appliance stores and sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores showed a monthly decline. Even non-store retailers, where e-commerce retail is classified, reported a 2.8% dip.  Overall June retail and food services sales dropped 3.2% from May 2017.

While we have to wait for full mid-year reporting on all sectors of retail, the Census updated its comprehensive data on sales by type of retailer through May. A look at the YoY trending categories at retail reveals important changes taking place in the consumer market, reflecting not just changes in their buying behavior but underlying trends that are taking place culturally.

Here is my read on the data and what it reveals about the American shopper:

Change in retail sales by kind of business Jan-May 2016-2017

Change in retail sales by kind of business Jan-May 2016-2017

  • More need for diversions from our troubles

There is no question that American consumers are troubled by the ever growing dangers in the world as it threatens the very foundation of the American way of life. They are also made anxious by the political hubbub, fake news posturing and other distractions that are taking our leaders away from their much more important task of governing and ruling this great nation and setting it on the right course to grow the economy and help American citizens prosper.

In the face of these struggles, Americans are finding solace at the bar, which not only helps them escape from their worries temporarily but also provides much-needed connection with others as they share drinks at the pub.

In addition, they are pursuing more DIY home improvement projects, as the growth in the building supply dealers testifies to, including getting their hands dirty in the garden.

  • On the road again

Encouraged by cheaper gas, Americans are getting into their cars and traveling more, going to new places, seeing new sights and just enjoying the road travel experience. This may also be a reflection of the problems confronted in air travel, which has gotten plenty of press lately.

As for me, when I need to travel places I can reach by car in less than a day, I will always opt for a road trip, rather than undergoing the trials and tribulations of flying. I suspect there are many others that share this view.

  • More online shopping

Internet shopping is replacing the hassles of in-store shopping, no question of that. It is not only that online gives access to more products, often at a cheaper price, but online saves huge amounts of time when people need a specific item.

Going to the store or the mall, therefore, becomes a discretionary diversion undertaken primarily when people want a shopping experience, as opposed to a buying experience, in which online often proves to be the best option. Amazon’s record-breaking Prime Day on July 12, which saw sales rise 60% over last year’s, demonstrates just how much shoppers value the comfort and ease of shopping electronically without ever having to cross the threshold of a retail store.

For just about every product category, Americans simply don’t need to go to the store in order to shop, so going to the store becomes the experience.

  • More experiences, fewer things

The fact that sales in used merchandise stores are growing so rapidly is not necessarily a reflection of cash-strapped customers looking for bargains, though surely that plays a role. But I believe it is far more a reflection of consumers turning away from the pursuit of a materialistic culture where one is defined by the things one has. Rather they are chasing more meaningful lifestyle experiences.

In buying previously-owned things, people acknowledge that repurposing, reusing, and seeking out used items is a lifestyle that they embrace. The “Tiny House” movement with its rallying cry “Tiny House-Big Living,” is more than just a cable television show. It is a lifestyle that more Americans are pursuing, if not by actually living tiny, but thinking that way. And they start by ridding themselves of all the extraneous junk they have collected. When they actually need something, they increasingly are looking to gently-used goods as a better solution, both for their pocketbook and the planet.

  • More investment in home

Americans continue to invest in their homes, upgrading it and adding value in the process. This enhances their overall enjoyment while they are at home, as well as improving its resale value.  Home furnishings stores, building materials suppliers, like big-box retailers Home Depot and Lowe's, specialty flooring, paint and wallpaper stores are reaping the benefits.  

  • Men are getting fashionable

Men are spending more on clothes. This is an interesting trend, especially now that Walmart has acquired men’s clothing retailer Bonobos. Men are paying serious attention to their presentation, both at work to advance their careers and also in their personal lives when casual attire is called for. This woman, for one, applauds men thinking more about how they look and the message it sends to those they meet.

In conclusion, June’s sad retail numbers, down 3.2% from May (not adjusted) could prove to be only a blip and come back as the year progresses. On the other hand, the effects of the spate of retail closings, estimated to reach 8,640 this year by Credit Suisse, could be starting to show. Time will tell, but I am not optimistic.

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