5 Ways to Make Holiday Shopping Easier

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Make A List
Buying gifts is such a blur, that sometimes I forget what I want to get and for who I need to get gifts for.  The best way I have been able to overcome this is by making lists for each person I need to buy a gift for. What I LOVE about the Getta Gift™ App is how easy it makes organization! If I see something in a store I think my mom or sister would like, I can just scan it and add it onto their Wish List! Then I can buy it then or save it for later. It’s so helpful to be able to see something and add it to a list, then later go back and see all the things I think someone would like before buying. A great way to stock up on gift ideas all year long too!

Check it Twice
Check for the best deals on the items you want, by adding in links and prices. Why look for the best deal? The lower the price the more items you can get on a budget! The more smiles you can bring to the faces of those you love!
Also, if you’re like me and go Wish List crazy by scanning everything you see you think your friends and family will like in stores, you’re going to need to narrow it down! So feel free to keep checking on those lists, adding and removing items before you commit to one.

Exchange Lists
Do you have so many great gift ideas but you just can’t get them all? Or are you the gift-card giving King/Queen – but your older sister is the Queen of Personalized gifts that bring a tear to mom’s cheek every year? Time to team up! With the Getta Gift™ App you can send your Wish Lists to any contacts, as well as receive theirs for shared inspiration. It’s a quick and super easy way to help each other get your loved ones something they’ll really love!

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Unsure if someone will actually like what you got them? Send your Wish Lists – complete with pictures, descriptions, and links – to friends and family for feedback! Then, they can have more than the blurry iPhone pics you send in store panic (what? Does not everyone do this?) to determine if your gift idea is great or not.

The people in your life will love you whether or not you get them the perfect gift. Of course, you WANT to give them the perfect gift. And we don’t blame you. Connect with them on the Getta Gift™ App to get them what they really want! They don’t have to be shy – they can send the items right to your phone – and you don’t have to be so worried – because you know what they REALLY want.