10 Reasons Why Giving Gifts is Better Than Getting Gifts

Tis the season for giving! I would dare to say I have way more fun buying and giving gifts to others than I do receiving them. Don’t believe me? Read on below to see why I love to give gifts!

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  1. Showing Appreciation
    Imagine how boring life would be without other people? Show the people in your life you love them and appreciate having them in your life. And what better way to do it than buying them a gift!
    Not sure if you’re getting them what they want? No problem! Have them download the Getta Gift™ App so they can send you Wish Lists of what they dream of getting!
  2. Learning About Products
    Dying to find out what the “hottest gift of the season is”? I bet you could find thousands of lists online and advertisements to tell you. I love trends and I love seeing them change throughout the years. It’s always fun to get someone the latest and greatest product of the season – it’s a part of pop culture and history you get to be a part of!
  3. The Rush of Finding The Perfect Gift
    I don’t know about you, but I love researching all the gifts for people I love, heading to the store right when they get the item in stock, and barging through crowds of people to get the exact right gift! If that’s not for you, that’s OK buying the perfect gift online in your shopping cart can be equally as exciting!
  4. Putting Personality Into Your Relationships
    Gifts set the mood of a relationship like nothing else! That funny gift you’ve been dying to get your best friend for years, or the perfect romantic gesture to give your significant other can be turning points in the relationship. You can show them how much you value the humor or love in your relationship, and put a little touch of your personality into it. So fun!
  5. Helping Those Less Fortunate
    The holidays are all about not just giving, but giving back! Giving is the best way to bring communities together, as well as give you a moment to stop and count your blessing. Being grateful for what you have and knowing you are able to give it to others is such an incredible thing!
    Learn how the Getta Gift™ App can help you give to those less fortunate here [LINK BACK].
  6. Thinking of Others
    Has 2017 not been your favorite year? You’re not alone. But why spend any time and energy thinking about your worries when you can create a positive change in the world by thinking of others!
  7. Buying That Thing You Always Wanted to See if It Really Worked
    Always wondering if that as-seen-on-TV product actually works? But don’t want to spend the 3 easy payments of $19.95? Buy it for someone you love instead! If they love it, then you can treat yourself. If they don’t, then hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?
  8. Supporting Businesses
    Whenever you buy anything you are financially supporting the business and its values! Has someone told you what they want? If they have the Getta Gift™ App then they can send it right to you, complete with brand description and links. That way, in advance you can know the company you are supporting and decide if the decision is right for you!
  9. Science Says It Makes YOU Happier Too
    Yeah, that’s right, SCIENCE says that giving makes you happier. Varies studies show that giving, regardless of income levels, increases individual happiness more than receiving. So if you want to be happy give to someone you love!
  10. Seeing Them Happy
    I know this one isn’t a surprise, but once you get someone the perfect gift – which is SO easy to do with the Getta Gift™ App Wish List feature – you get to see that big smile on their face when they open it. Seeing those you love happy because of something YOU did is an amazing feeling, and the best part of gift giving!