Using Getta Gift to Help Families in Need

The holidays are the most wonderful time of year! Why? Because not only do you get lots of gifts, but you can also experience the joy of giving! Whether you’re rounding up gifts for a toy drive or cans for a food drive Getta Gift™ can help you help others! Read on below to find out how.

Step 1: Organization

Are you in charge of a charity event for your office, school, family or any other group? Getta Gift™ can help you unlike anything before.  You can create a Wish List for the event, and load in the items you need for it, and then send the list out to everyone who wants to participate for the event. Think if it as a gift registry right in the palm of your hand!

Step 2: Find the gifts

If you want people do donate food or toys, but make sure that they aren’t all getting cans of beans or fidget spinners, help them by sending them your Wish List from the Getta Gift™ App! As I organize  gathering toys for my local toy drive, Getta Gift™ App has been an amazing tool because I can scan gifts for kids all ages in the allowed price range, and then when I send out my Wish List to friends and family, they can buy items off it it without duplicating! This makes it easier not only for my friends and family donating, but it for the kids receiving the gifts! They’ll be able to get gifts better suited for them.

How can you use the Getta Gift™ App? Easy! Go into stores and use the Bar Code Scanner to add them right onto your list! Then, add any links or prices of the food/toys, and anyone who receives the list will be able to see the EXACT item you had in mind and purchase it!

Step 3: Get them where they need to go!

If your friends and family live far away but still want to help your cause they can with Getta Gift™ App! Once you create a Wish List, you can add in a shipping address so they can send the items right to you for easy collection OR to the location of your choice – just remember to check with any organizations on their policies on receiving products in the mail.