How do you get your valentine jewelry that they’ll love?

This is the time of year when jewelry stores do their best.  Millions of men go out searching for that special item to show their sweet heart that they are special above all others.  In many cases they go for jewelry, but many will be disappointed.  Many ladies are picky and when they choose their ensemble each morning, they pick their jewelry with a great deal of consideration.  If you want to actually see them wear that expensive purchase, you may need to consider more than just the cost of the item or the box it’s given in. 

To impress your lady with a piece that takes her breath away, lets go over a few tips to make things happen. 

necklace on rock.jpeg

First, talk to her about jewelry.  Preferentially, during a period when gift giving isn’t a month away.  To be clever, don’t ask someone what they want…instead ask her about the pieces she wears.  Comment that her necklace is beautiful and then ask if there’s a story behind that piece of jewelry.  Ask her next what she likes about that piece.  You can also ask if this is her favorite piece and if not, what is her favorite, and again, why.  The more you ask these types of questions the more you’ll hear important information about what she likes. 



Next, it’s time to start thinking like Sherlock Holmes. Be observant!  With each date or if you married, each day and date night, take notice of what she’s wearing.  Take a few pictures, ladies will generally love a couple’s selfie, but your real goal is to capture the jewelry she’s wearing.  Over time, you’ll start to build a picture of the types of jewelry she wears and likes. 

Your deductive task is not done yet Sherlock.  You’ll have to start putting all this information into order.  Are the pieces she’s wearing generally large or skinny?  What colors does she have and wear?  Do they match her outfit?  Does she prefer matching sets between necklace and earrings?  Does she wear bracelets?  If your valentine is in her 20s and doesn’t have a bracelet, she probably doesn’t like bracelets, so don’t go spending extravagantly on a Pandora bracelet from Kay Jewelers. 

Necklace 1.jpeg

All of this is leading to the following advice.  Unless she tells you she wants something different and is specific about what that is…..Buy something similar to what she already has or something that fits the narrative of the other pieces.  

Another method to get the perfect gift….

Both of you download the FREE app GettaGift.   The app will create a wish list with pictures of what you want.  Go for a date were you take your Valentine to a few Jewelry stores and let her take pictures of pieces she’d love to have.  Talk about what differentiates pieces of jewelry rom good to amazing.  That way you’ll know what she wants and can get an awesome present for Valentines Day!